B-Town Poker

B-Town Poker is a FREE Poker League, where players compete in live, nightly, Texas Hold’em Tournament Events at your favorite local bars, restaurants and other locations in the Bloomington (Indiana University) area. Registration is FREE and all poker tournaments are 100% FREE. Even better, the tournament winner each night wins a $50 CASH PRIZE! Players compete against one another in nightly poker tournaments and accumulate points to get qualified for our seasonal Tournament of Champions.

How Does it Work?

In each nightly tournament, the top 16 Players earn points, based on their finishing positions (25-1,200pts). Scores are posted online or review the Standings at any B-Town Poker Event. Start times vary per location. Points are combined to qualify you for the seasonal Tournament of Champions.

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Come Have Fun and Show Your Skills!

Stop by any one of our host locations, take a seat and have a blast, it’s as simple as that. B-Town Poker is not only about the amazing game of Texas Hold’Em but the friends you will gain within the league. From the rookies to the skilled, everyone is invited and everyone gets better with live practice. We hope to see you at the tables!



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